Free Free Free

Several years ago, using improvisation games, I developed and presented a day long teacher in service to Lawrence Gardner High School teachers. (They had some grant funds.) Since that time I have been wanting to expand my training to include teacher in service, especially since some of my teacher friends tell me that in service training is not always that much fun!

However, just when I was ready to begin marketing to school districts, I read that the Kansas legislature had slashed funding to public education. It doesn’t seem likely that school districts are going to have a lot of ready cash, and will probably be relying on their own staffs to provide in service. Then I had an inspiration:

  • I’m retired (Well sort of);
  • Retired people stay active by volunteering;
  • School districts need quality in service training;
  • I provide quality in service training (The evaluations from Lawrence Gardner were very positive.);
  • I’ll do it for free, as a public service.

So if you are a teacher, principal, or school administrator who wants to provide an in service that will increase staff poise and confidence, provide new and unique teaching techniques, while actually being enjoyable, give me a call. If you are in the Topeka area there will be no cost. If you are not, I will ask for travel expenses.




Unconditional Guarantee

As I think back over the years I have been doing training, public speaking and facilitation, I can only remember one instance in which my evaluations didn’t average over four on a five-point likert-type scale. It got me to thinking: why not offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you hire me for public speaking, training, or facilitation, and you are not satisfied, you don’t pay me. Simple as that.

Laugh2learn customers will have nothing to lose. Either they receive an excellent product, or they don’t pay.

I like it, and I’m making it official.