Unconditional Guarantee

As I think back over the years I have been doing training, public speaking and facilitation, I can only remember one instance in which my evaluations didn’t average over four on a five-point likert-type scale. It got me to thinking: why not offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you hire me for public speaking, training, or facilitation, and you are not satisfied, you don’t pay me. Simple as that.

Laugh2learn customers will have nothing to lose. Either they receive an excellent product, or they don’t pay.

I like it, and I’m making it official.


Who me, blog?

For several years I have been operating Laugh2Learn successfully. I have done so with a minimum of advertisement, depending on repeat business and word of mouth advertising. I recently decided I wanted to be more aggressive in marketing, and as a first step hired my friend Shau Marcotte of SLabImaging to help me. Shaun was good; he asked me a lot of questions about how I viewed my business; what made it unique; what niche was I looking for etc. After much thought I told him that people in my business tend to feature either humor or content. My niche is that I use humor to deliver content. Taking that information he developed and I adopted this logo:I would like to have some input on this. What do you think? Does it convey the message?

Shaun’s next suggestion startled me. “Marv,” he said, “The modern way to advertise is through social media. You’ve got to start a blog.”

Well who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I am writing and soon (I hope) you will be reading my blog. I hope it will direct you to my website, www.laugh2learn.com.

“Blog?” I said, “What do I put in a blog?”

“Just tell people what you have been doing. When you do a gig, tell about it.”

OK then Shaun, here goes:

Friday, May 20 I taught a six-hour Mediation and Conflict Resolution session to 14 Co-Op directors in the Kansas Infant Toddler network. Last year I had trained six mediators for the program, and my friends in the Infant Toddler program at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment felt that co-op directors could benefit from a deeper understanding of the mediation process. I designed and presented three sections — one each in Wichita, Garden City and Topeka. A fourth is scheduled for June 24 in Salina. The evaluations have been excellent.

Shaun said put in pictures, so here I am leading the discussion in Topeka:

Saturday was a great day: I attended the hooding ceremony for the graduating Masters of Public Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. http://ph.kumc.edu/ Since I teach a required course, I knew most of the graduates, and was able to meet their families and congratulate the graduates. Some of the families had come from as far away as Arizona, New Mexico, and Costa Rica.
I enjoy my work at KUMC. I love being around intelligent young people and one doesn’t get into graduate school without a measure of intelligence. But teaching public health graduates is even more exciting because of their values. No one goes into public health to get rich. These students are all committed to improving the lot of their fellow human beings and the planet on which we all live.

Tuesday, May 24,  I am going to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Wichita, to conduct a session on Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Suzanne Hawley, the site coordinator for the MPH program on the Wichita campus invited be to present a training on Emotional Intelligence to her team. As a part of the training I have arranged for each team member to take the Bar-On EQ-i assessment. http://www.mhs.com/product.aspx?gr=IO&prod=eqi&id=overview. In addition to discussing emotional intelligence concepts I will provide individual feedback to the team on their assessment.

Life is more than teaching; it must, if we are to stay young, involve learning. I am very excited to be attending the Applied Improvisation Network’s (http://appliedimprov.ning.com/) World Conference in Baltimore June 16 through 19. I attended this conference in Chicago in 2009, and laughed and learned and laughed and learned some more. I can hardly wait!

Well there you have it, my first blog post. I look forward to your feedback.

Trying out new blog

Shaun is helping me try out the new blog he created for me.

Hello world!

Marvin grew up in Oregon.  He joined the United States Air Force in 1963 and served honorably until 1967, serving in Texas and Germany.

1967 was a landmark year:  He was discharged from the Air Force, began his education at South Western Oregon Community College, and married his first and only wife, Rebecca.

In 1970 he graduated from the University of Oregon and won a fellowship to Rice University.

While finishing his doctoral thesis at Rice, he taught as an instructor at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Upon receiving his PhD in 1975, Marvin took a position teaching political science at Louisiana State University – Shreveport. Upon achieving tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, he resigned and enrolled in the University of Kansas School of Law where he graduated in 1984.

In 1984 he began the private practice of law in Leavenworth County with the Chapman and Waters law firm.  While in Leavenworth County he served as the city attorney for the City of Lansing, Kansas.  In 1988 he went to work for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment where he served for a time as Director of the Office of Legal Services.

During that time, he was very active in the Kansas Public Health Association, where he served two years as president.  He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Preventative Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

In 1998, he left KDHE and spent two years as a professional public speaker, in 2000, however he became Assistant Director of the University of Kansas Public Management Center.

In addition to his professional activities Dr. Stottlemire is an accomplished amateur actor, appearing in community theater productions throughout the region.  He has been a member of Topeka Civic Theatre’s Laughing Matters Improv Comedy Company for eighteen years and is the founder of Topeka Civic Theatre’s Senior Class, an improv comedy company made up entirely of actors over age 55, celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary this year.