Play to work together better.

Ok here’s the problem as I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers know: You need to blog regularly to generate business, but when you have lots of business, you don’t have time to blog regularly. Oh well….

Today I found support for my constant ranting about how play can build teamwork and lead to success in the team’s endeavors. Reading the Topeka Capitol Journal’s Sports Page I ran across this story. It seems that  Kansas City Chief’s Coach Tod Healy has discovered what my clients already know. Playing together strengthens teamwork and a sense of community.

Last week, employees at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and the Wyandotte County Health Department all built stronger teams by playing under laugh2learn’s guidance. Monday, the Sedgwick County Health Department followed suit. Next week the conferees at InterHab’s Power Up Conference will learn how they too can benefit. I hope I can find time to post to my blog.


Appreciation (And, of course, pun of the day)

Pun of the day: While on an extended road trip, I kept seeing signs advertising a breakfast only restaurant that featured eggs Benedict. I had to try it. The place was very small, and they did feature eggs Benedict. I ordered it, and when my order arrived, it was served on an automobile hub cap. “What’s this?” I asked. “Ah sir,” replied the server, “There is no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise.”

OK to take the taste of that pun out of your mouth here is a recipe for eggs Benedict.

I got an email from a friend today telling me that her supervisor had given her flowers this morning. Last week had been trying and my friend had gone the extra mile. It was a wonderful gesture, and it got me thinking about appreciation. How many of us work with a person we respect and admire, but we never think to tell them? Similarly how many of us feel that our good efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated?

Here is a simple exercise that takes only 90 seconds and can help everyone feel more appreciated. It’s called “Good Gossip”

Divide the group into threes and have them sit in chairs facing the same direction with one chair in front and two in back. Instruct the two in back to talk about the person in front for 30 seconds, loudly enough for the person in front to hear. The only condition; they may only say good things that are true. After 30 seconds rotate so that a different person is in front. Then rotate again.

Last week whenI worked with the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department Management team,  we ended the session with good gossip. Some of the comments I heard when we finished: “Wow! That was fun. Why did you only give them 30 seconds.” “I love that exercise.”

You and your staff will love it too. It only takes 90 seconds and the payoff is positive feelings all around.