OK, today we are featuring one line puns, so I’m providing two for the price of one. (No real bargain since they are free!)

What do you get if you drop a piano down a mine shaft? A flat minor.

What do you get if you drop a piano on the officer’s club? A flat major.

Well either yesterday’s LEAP Summit was a big success or the participants are a bunch of liars.  I know that if they had half as much fun as I did, they really enjoyed themselves. We began as I always do with some improv based warmup games. As usual one of the most popular games was the “celebrate failure’ game where we stand in a circle, take turns announcing failures and cheer each one. Perhaps the biggest laugh was when the videographer I had hired announced that he had forgotten to push the “record” button. He was joking of course. I mean, he must have been, right?

After the warmup we divided the group into teams of about 10 and asked them to imagine the best possible programs for school and business partners to pursue. We wrote those on flip charts, and gave the participants a break while I and the program committee looked for common themes. We identified six programs based on common themes from the “imagine” groups, and then invited the participants back to self select which one they would like to work on to develop action plans to make the programs work. Although the summit was scheduled to end at 6:00 all of the groups worked beyond that time.

During our debrief, we decided that the only change we would make next time would be to use 5×8 cards rather than flip charts to write the suggestions from the “imagine” session. We had some difficulty with finding common themes working from flip charts. If we had used cards, we could have moved them around to facilitate finding commonalities.

I read an interesting exchange on Face Book:

Donna: “I am looking for a good interactive training for the administrative staff at KNEA

Someone: “You should check with Laugh2learn.”

Donna: We had Laugh2learn for our last quarter training and got the best evaluations we have ever had. We will be having him back for every other training.”

Smart people there at KNEA.


Double Punday

I was attending the Kansas Public Health Association’s annual conference, and didn’t find time to post a pun yesterday. I’ll make up for it today by doubling your punishment. First a short one: Women, support the second amendment. Wear sleeveless blouses. Protect your right to bare arms.

And a somewhat longer one involves Rudolph Ivanovitch Orloff, a minor official in the Communist Party during the early days of the Soviet Union. One morning he awoke to the sound of pitter-patter on the roof. He turned to you wife, Ivana, and said, “Listen to the rain.” Ivana listened for a moment and replied, “You know dear, I don’t think that is rain, it sounds more like snow to me.” “No!” said Rudolph, “I’m quite sure it’s rain.” Ivana was adamant. “Snow!” She shouted. “Rain!” Rudolph replied. The argument became quite heated until Rudolph shouted. “Don’t argue with me. I say it’s rain, and Rudolph, the red, knows rain dear.”

Today is a big day for Laugh2Learn. I worked with the board of the Lawrence Education Achievement Partners (LEAP) to create an exciting an innovative program for their LEAP Summit, and today is the day! We anticipate that all of the participants will leave the Summit with specific plans to find new ways for businesses and schools to partner. The summit will be in the Leid Center’s new education complex, and we are thrilled to be one of the first community organizations to use it.

I plan to have a videographer there, and with any luck I will be able to post some video here soon.

Next week we change gears somewhat as we perform a Theatre of the Oppressed session for the Kansas Head Start Association’s Parent Leadership Conference.

Versatility is the word of the week.

By the way, do you like the puns? If you do please let me know. Puns, I am told, are the lowest form of humor. I’ve also heard that the reason we groan when we hear one is because we wish we had thought of it first. I honestly don’t know, but they make me laugh, and laugh is my first name.


Tuesday’s pun

Busy, busy, busy this week, but not too busy to punish you.

Pavel was from the Czech republic. He and his Polish friend, Zoltan considered themselves great hunters, although their exploits were pretty much limited to rabbits and squirrels. They had always dreamed of bigger game, so when Pavel came into a small inheritance, he invited his friend to go hunting for grizzlies in Canada. They went to Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, rented gear and set off. When they didn’t return at the scheduled time, a search party set out to find them. They found their camp in total disarray, and there were tracks from a male and female grizzly. After a search, they shot and killed a female grizzly, cut her open and sure enough, found what was left of Zoltan. “Well,” Said the leader of the search party, “I think we can be sure of one thing. The Czech is in the Male.”

Sunday Pun: The Chicken and the Librarian

Today’s pun doesn’t lend itself well to writing so, I have recorded it.

Now for any of you who think a business blog should have something more substantial, since the subject is libraries, I will direct you to this well written blog about banned books.

Pun of the day and more giggling girls.

Wow! yesterday’s post set a new record for me. Thanks to Sue Levine Kupcinet, and Kent Wingerson, for reposting.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s post I urge you to do so. In my opinion it contains words of wisdom that we all need to hear.

Now for today: First the pun: There once was a man who had a persistent hacking cough. After visiting every doctor in town, at the advice of a friend he visited the old voodoo woman deep in the swamp. She gave him a mouldy leather strap, told him to cut off an inch of it every day, chew it up and swallow it and when the strap had been fully consumed he would be cured. Reluctantly he did as told, but to no effect. He returned to the voodoo woman and shouted. “The thong has ended but the malady lingers on!”

Now for the giggling girls. Last week, when I introduced the “Dr. Know-it-all” game, I illustrated it by showing some video of me and two of my granddaughters playing it. The video I posted was not our first effort. As a matter of fact, we had at least a dozen false starts. Unfortunately I stupidly erased most of them, but for your enjoyment here are three that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy the giggles, but remember the purpose of the post is to teach you a fun game to play with your family and co-workers.

A Pun A Day?

All of the advice I’m getting about blogging says blog often and give your viewers something they want. Hmm.

OK, Blog often: What do I know about that I could blog about every day? I’ve got it: I must know at least a month’s worth of puns.

Give your readers something they want: I’ve got it: I know at least two of my readers like puns.

So here goes. Whatever else I have to say, (and I hope I will, from time to time have something else to say) I will include the pun of the day in every blog post. For those of you who think you hate puns, don’t read them.

September 12, 2011 PUN OF THE DAY (drum roll please)

A condemned man was waiting on the gallows when the executioner approached and announced that he couldn’t find a rope. “So,” he said, “I guess no noose is good noose.”

I can’t remember where I heard that one. I may have made it up myself.