I’m Not Stupid

One of Laugh2Learn’s most popular presentations is “Difficult Conversations,” or “Dealing with Difficult People” (Pretty much the same presentation with a different title.) One of the main points in that presentation is “Deal with behaviors, not characteristics.” For example:

  •  Rather than, “You’re rude!” “I don’t like it when you don’t let me finish my sentence.”
  • Rather than, “You’re lazy!” “I don’t think you do your share of the chores.”

Yesterday, it occurred to me that we also need to apply those guidelines to our own self-evaluation. At least twice in one day I did something stupid.

First I sent an email to the department secretary at KUMC where I’m an Adjunct Professor, asking her to verify a phone conference that I had on my calendar for 9:00. Her reply, “That conference was Tuesday. Your next conference is March 5.”

 Needless to say, I felt stupid.

Next I was working with a guest lecturer who had agreed to speak to my web-based class. I sent him the link to get into the virtual class room, and managed to get everything set up just peachy, except that I couldn’t hear him. He could hear me. The little symbol on the screen showed that his mike was working, but I couldn’t hear him. I contacted KUMC’s excellent tech support team and shortly Susan Bailey was in the virtual class room with us. She could hear my guest, and he could hear her, but I could hear neither of them. So . . . it began to dawn on me. Perhaps the problem was with my computer. I turned my speakers on, and suddenly, viola! all was solved.

Needless to say, I felt stupid.

But I’m not! Everyone does stupid things. Everyone.

Thomas Robinson,

Thomas Robinson

star of the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team got a technical foul in the last minutes of a close game. You did something stupid T-Rob, but you’re not stupid.

A good friend with whom I play Scrabble on-line was having an unproductive day. You were having an unproductive day Sue, you’re not worthless.

Recently some Italian Physicists concluded that neutrinos travel faster than light. They have now found an apparent error in their measurement. You made a mistake guys, you’re not stupid.

We all make mistakes. We all do dumb things.

I make mistakes. I do dumb things.

But I’m not stupid!

Am I?