Fairwell Oedipus, You Were a Fine Dog

It was 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I was in good spirits, having just completed a successful “Difficult Conversations” training for the Johnson County Disability Support team, when I got the text from my granddaughters: “Oedipus is dead.” My good spirits disappeared and my heart sank. Oedipus, my son’s family’s miniature┬áschnauzer, only nine years old, dead. Some neighborhood dogs had gotten loose and killed him.

Oedipus was the sweetest dog I have ever known. Not the smartest, nor the cutest, nor the biggest nor the bravest, but the sweetest. He loved to cuddle. He would sit on my lap indefinitely, lay his head on my chest and gaze lovingly into my eyes. He was just plain sweet. Now he’s gone.

Sheriff’s deputies located the dogs that killed him, and issued the owners a citation. Perhaps they will be more careful in the future, but it won’t bring Oedipus back.

Today I drove up to Glenn and Michelle’s house to visit the place they buried him.

All loving relationships end in pain. If we want to avoid the pain of loss we have to forego the joy of loving. In the end it’s a good tradeoff. We all loved Oedipus, and in his sweet doggy way, he loved us too. Now he’s gone. We miss him.

Thank you Oedipus for the joy you brought into our lives.

Rest in peace.