My Friend Flicker

Today I have been feeling a bit of pressure to get some things accomplished, and I even got to my office a bit earlier than usual.

So I’m working away when I happen to glance out my window. (My office window looks out over the porch roof, and I toss bird seed out there for the wild birds and squirrels.) What should I see but a beautiful Northern Flicker, eating seeds. What a handsome fellow.

Northern Flicker

(This is a picture downloaded from the web, not my personal Flicker)

I had to take a moment, relax and just enjoy his beauty. One of the things I noticed is that he was using his tongue to pick up the tiniest seeds and seed fragments. So I sat very still and just watched.
Two things about this experience:
  • You should never be too busy to take just a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.
  • Riding a motorcycle is a lot like being a bird. We envy birds freedom, but have you ever noticed how alert and cautious they are? Riding a motorcycle is a lot like that; you have a wonderful sense of freedom, but you have to be extra alert and cautious if you want to live to ride again.

Wow, how’s that for disparit ideas from a single experience.

Ok, back to work!

Northern Flicker In The Wild


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  1. I noticed my woodpecker was back this morning. Happy Spring (in February??)

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