The Spice of Life

If variety is the spice of life, my life is pretty doggone spicy this week. Monday began with a team building gig at North East Kansas Multicounty Health Department. Monday evening found me playing my professor role, as I delivered the last lecture of the semester to my Master of Public Health class at the University of Kansas Medical School. The middle of the week slowed down a bit, but Friday I conducted a 90 minute team building program at the Johnson County Health Department’s annual holiday party. Today I will play Santa for a friend’s child’s birthday party, then play a professional hit man in a short film for a student in the

KU Film Student

University of Kansas Film department,

then Sunday it will be St. Nicholas for Sunday School at Grace Episcopal Cathedral, Topeka.

A friend posted on Face Book that the Santa gig was a case of type casting. I haven’t told anyone about the hit man gig for fear I’d get the same response.

This will be my second film for students in the KU film program. It’s a lot of work, but very rewarding. I love being around intelligent, creative young people, and KU’s film program seems to have plenty of those.

Speaking of intelligent, creative people, today is also granddaughter Zosia’s birthday. I think there is a good chance Grandfather Santa will visit her party as well.

So there you have it. Spice: Laugh2Learn trainer, professor, Santa, hitman, St. Nicholas and most important; grandfather.

Ahhh spice indeed.



  1. You’ve certainly been busy. It’s great to read such an upbeat post.

    • Thanks. I live a full life, and I try to focus on the positive aspects of it.

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