Group Spontaneity

Observation: Procrastination can become a habit. I haven’t posted for over a month, and while there are some excuses (busy, travel, knee surgery, etc.) the simple fact is once you don’t do something, it is easier to keep not doing it. Even though the first week may have been legitimate, after that it was simply habit.

I’m not sure what it takes to get out of the habit, but for me it was a visit with my friend Andrea Engstrom. She always inspires me, and I came away from our meeting with several blog post ideas, one of which is to comment on how procrastination becomes a habit. I’ve done that now, so let’s move on to Group Spontaneity.

We visited Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the Dia de los muertos celebration. Our visit included a trip the Xcaret, the cultural theme park near Playa Del Carmen. This being a Mexican holiday, the park was pretty crowded, andthe crowd was very diverse. We heard Spanish, Russian, German, as well as English and some languages we couldn’t identify.

One of the features of the park is a cultural exhibition in a large arena something like a football stadium. I imagine it seats at least 50,000 people. Since it is open seating, people began to arrive long before show time, and the venue was full at least a half hour before the show began. The crowd was a bit restive, and some tried, unsuccessfully to begin a rhythmic clap. Others tried to get a “wave” started, again without great success, but as time went on and a few hearty souls persisted, before long the entire house was participating in the wave. In a way it was almost as exciting as the show that followed. To see that many people from that many cultures spontaneously participating in unplanned group activity was just plain fun!



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