Pun of the day and more giggling girls.

Wow! yesterday’s post set a new record for me. Thanks to Sue Levine Kupcinet, and Kent Wingerson, for reposting.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s post I urge you to do so. In my opinion it contains words of wisdom that we all need to hear.

Now for today: First the pun: There once was a man who had a persistent hacking cough. After visiting every doctor in town, at the advice of a friend he visited the old voodoo woman deep in the swamp. She gave him a mouldy leather strap, told him to cut off an inch of it every day, chew it up and swallow it and when the strap had been fully consumed he would be cured. Reluctantly he did as told, but to no effect. He returned to the voodoo woman and shouted. “The thong has ended but the malady lingers on!”

Now for the giggling girls. Last week, when I introduced the “Dr. Know-it-all” game, I illustrated it by showing some video of me and two of my granddaughters playing it. The video I posted was not our first effort. As a matter of fact, we had at least a dozen false starts. Unfortunately I stupidly erased most of them, but for your enjoyment here are three that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy the giggles, but remember the purpose of the post is to teach you a fun game to play with your family and co-workers.


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