Hall of Fame, Me? . . . Yeah, Me!

Last Saturday was a very good day for me. Started off with a visit to Topeka’s Farmers Market then a nice motorcycle ride. Along the way I stopped to see if another biker, who was stopped by the side of the road needed help. He didn’t, but I recognized the riders as my cousin Tom and his wife, Debbie. They invited me to lunch at Lake Perry. Home for a nap then on to Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy, for the annual awards night, where I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I consider it quite an honor!

But, as they say in the infomercials, “Wait, there’s more!” After the program, as I was meeting friends and receiving congratulations, I saw Jeff Kready. Jeff and I were in To Kill A Mockingbird in 1995. He played Jem to my Atticus. He grew up to be a professional actor appearing in Broadway shows. Jeff hugged me and congratulated me and then said the most amazing thing. He told me that he had learned so much about acting from watching me! Me! Imagine.

I may never be able to put my hat on again!

As Soon as I figure out how, I will add “Member of Topeka Civic Theatre’s Hall of Fame,” and “Acting coach to the stars,” to my resume. Yeah, right!

Other good news: You may remember my post about Sheriff Richard Barta’s classy apology. I emailed him thanking him for the good example and included a link to the posts. I got a very kind email back, inviting me to meet him in person. I will visit him tomorrow.

Not bad, huh?


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  1. As long as your hat already doesn’t fit…You are truly amazing!! You sure live life to the fullest!

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