Did The Ancient Hebrews Have Improv Training

This morning  at Grace Cathedral the lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures was about Moses and Pharaoh’s Daughter. I have recorded a little video on You Tube in case you would rather listen to than read the story. 

According the the Hebrew Scripture, when the Hebrews in Egypt started to become too powerful, Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill all of the male children born to the Hebrew women. The midwives wouldn’t do it. When Pharaoh discovered that there were many male children among he Hebrews he called the midwives to ask why. They responded that the Hebrew women were so strong and healthy that by the time a midwife could get to them, the baby was already born.

Still concerned with the proliferation of male Hebrews, Pharaoh ordered that all the male children born to Hebrew women should be thrown into the Nile. When Moses was born, his mother built a little basket of papyrus and put the baby in it and hid it in some reeds in the river. She sent her daughter to watch and see what happened. It just so happened that Pharaoh’s daughter went to bathe at that very spot in the river. (Think Moses’ mother didn’t know that?) When Pharoah’s daughter saw the baby in the basket, she decided to keep it as her own.

Seeing this, Moses’ sister ran to the Egyptian Princess and offered to find a nurse for the baby. When the Princess assented, Moses sister ran and got her mother to be the nurse.

Pretty clever. Now, not only did Moses’ mother save her child’s life, she got to raise him and, got paid to do so.

After service a friend and I were talking about the story and he remarked on how often in the stories in the Hebrew Scripture people seem to be able to think on their feet quickly. In this story the Midwive’s  quick thinking saved them from Pharaoh’s wrath, and Moses’ sisters quick thinking allowd Moses’ mother to raise her own child.

It made me wonder if the Hebrews had some improv training. One of the goals of improv training is to help you learn to think quickly on your feet. If you would like to learn how to react quickly, improv training is available, among other places, at Laugh2Learn. And remember if  you don’t get what you want from a Laugh2Learn training, it’s free.


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