How I Went From Obese to Oveweight in One Day

Every day – – well almost every day — I work out on my Wii Fit. For those of  you who have never used it, the Wii asks you questions about your age, height, etc and then when you step on the balance board to weigh in it tells you whether you’re  “obese,” “overweight,”” healthy” or “underweight.” It makes these determinations based on your Body Mass Index or BMI. BMI is a very crude measurement that is used because it is cheap. Using BMI, most professional athletes are scored as either “overweight,” or “obese.”

Does this look obese to you?

I am not a professional athlete, and my body fat percentage is not the healthiest,but because of my build, the damn Wii told me “That’s obese.” everytime I weighed in.

I found a way to go from “obese” to “overweight” in just a few minutes. I opened my profile and changed my height from 6’0″ to 6’4″. Now when I weigh in it just says, “That’s overweight.”

Ya gotta be smarter than the machine.


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