Me and Leon Panetta

Or is it Leon Panetta and I? It doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or something else. The reason I’mwriting about Leon Panetta is that he is older than me! And he’s the Secretary of Defense. Frankly, I get a little disturbed when people say, “You don’t look 70.” as though looking 70 is supposed to be bad or something. Does Leon Panetta look 72? Yes! He is just as accurate an image of 72 as anyone else that age. And I’m as typical of 70 as anyone.

If you want to look and feel youthful, act youthful. Think about the young people you know. One characteristic almost all of them share is a forward-looking perspective. You don’t see high school students dreaming wistfully about their middle school days. No. They are looking forward. I’m convinced that the key to being a youthful septuagenarian is in attitude. Leon is not looking back to what he used to be, he is looking forward to doing his new job well. 

Me too. I’m spending my time and energy building Laugh2Learn. I’m learning new skills and developing new products. When you see me congratulate me on my energy and optimism. Applaud my courage in offering a money back guarantee on all of my products. Don’t tell me I don’t look 70.

I might attend my next high school reunion, but I hope I’ll be too busy.

You too Leon?


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