You Should See The Other Guy

What you see in the picture to the right are the stitches it took to close the wound caused by removing a skin cancer half the size of a pea from just to the left of my left eye. The reason the wound is so big is that you can’t close a round hole by just stitching is closed, you have to take care of the pucker.

This represents the fifth time I’ve had to have cancerous growths removed from my body. Once before a skin cancer; bladder cancer twice; and prostate cancer. How do I feel about that? I feel good. I feel grateful that I live in a time when cancer can be treated. I’m happy that in ridding myself of all of these cancers I’ve never had to deal with chemo therapy or radiation and their vicious side effects. So far as I know I’m cancer free! Yea!

Speaking of being cancer free, a couple of years ago, I wore my American Cancer Society Relay For Life tee-shirt to the Topeka YMCA. A friend asked me if I had had cancer. Yes, I told him I had had three kinds of cancer.

“Oh,” he replied, “Are you a survivor?”

All I said was “Yes.”


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