Am I Here or There

When I ask audiences who is the most important person to laugh at, they always respond, “yourself.” And of course they are right. I recently had an opportunity to laugh vigorously at myself, and at the same time provide my sister, Joy, with hours of laughter.

Joy and her daughter Kim visited me last week. When I picked them up at the airport they said they were thirsty but didn’t want to pay airport prices for a bottle of water. I decided to get them a drink at the McDonalds at Legends. I seldom visit McDonalds, and had never been to the one at Legends so this was a bit of a new experience for me.

When we got into the drive up lane there were two lines, and two stations to place an order. Strangely enough, those two lines blended into one. Even stranger to someone unaccustomed to McDonalds drive through, there were two windows. As I discovered later the first one was where you pay and the second one where you pick up your order. Like I said, I discovered that later. What I thought at the time was that there was one window for each order station.

When we arrived at the first window it was staffed by a young woman who looked to be about 12. She looked at me expectantly, and I looked at her and said, “Am I here, or there?” Never have I seen a blanker look on any face.

“What?” She finally said.

By this time my sister and niece were both laughing hysterically.

I was confused.

The young woman was confused.

The passengers in my car were no help.

Finally I asked, “Am I supposed to be at this window or that one?”

Then she explained that this was where I was to pay and the next window was where I could pick up my order.

Humbly, I paid and drove to the next window and picked up drinks for my now hysterical guests.

Well, I did laugh at myself, but not nearly so heartily as Joy and Kim.


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  1. As I read your blog I start laughing again. People I tell the story to don’t laugh so much. I think it was one of those,”had to be there” things.

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