Laugh Quest

Few doubt the health benefits of laughter, but where do you find something to laugh about? Answer: It’s everywhere. Some humor takes little or no effort. All the signs on signspotting, required no more work that an eye for the absurd, and a camera.

On the other hand some work very hard to create humor. A great example of hours of work to create a few seconds of absolute hilarity is this clip you can find on You Tube: I can’t get enough of it.

In my keynote, “Rx For Stress: Laughter + Control” I point out that my humor antennae are so sharp that I even managed to get a laugh while lying on  my urologist’s examination table. As I lay there I noticed a rack of pamphlets:

I began laughing and when the nurse came back in she asked what was so funny. I pointed to the rack and said: “Why are those people smiling?” She joined my laughter and said, “Those aren’t patients, those are the doctors.”

If you take a minute to study the individual pamphlets closely you may find another chuckle. For example, does the woman with “Frequent Bladder Urges” look entirely comfortable? And why does the “Erectile Disfunction” dude have his hand in his lap?

Laughter is everywhere, you just have to be looking for it. And if you happen to choose a training session with Laugh2Learn, you will find it chock full of good healthy laughter, as well as learning. If not, or if you are not completely satisfied, you owe me nothing.

What have you got to lose?


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